Joyce Zuczek retiring from NJ Transit

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Joyce Zuczek retiring from NJ Transit

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I regret to inform you that I have just learned from NJT Board Secretary Joyce Zuczek that she will retire at the end of this month.  Accordingly the Board meeting this Wednesday evening will be her last.

Joyce has worked for NJ Transit in various administrative positions since transferring to the agency from the now-defunct Commuter Operating Agency at NJDOT when NJ Transit was founded in 1979.

Joyce is the last of the original employees who worked at NJT when it was founded.  Her departure will truly signal the end of an era.

Those of us, including from the Lackawnna Coalition, who have made statements at NJT Board meetings over the years have always appreciated Joyce's good humor, fairness and dignity, whether she dealt with political "big shots" on the Board, lesser elected officials, ordinary riders, or we who advocated for those riders.

The late Stephen Thorpe especially appreciated Joyce, and the rest of us who knew her were not far behind.  When she was "officially" appointed after holding the position in an "acting" capacity for several years, Steve and I led the audience to give her a standing ovation, to the Board's surprise.

While I do not ordinarily make statements at board meetings, I will have a tribute to Joyce on Wednesday.

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