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Presentation for our phone conference on Monday

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:10 pm
by Dave Alan
If you wish to participate in our next event, I will be making the presentation at our phone conference on Monday evening (regular start time: 6:45).

My topic will be Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and what we, as transit riders, can expect from him. We expect a lot of Q&A and discussion, so I am making a suggestion for some background reading.

In January, I wrote a three-part series about him, which ran on the "Opinion" side of the Railway Age web site, It bears the general headline: "DOTSEC Pete, Amtrak, and Rail Transit: Perfect Together?"

Here are the links to those articles:
1. ... annel=home
2. ... annel=home
3. ... annel=home

I suggest that you read these articles before my presentation.

Chair, Emeritus