As part of its program to avoid flood damage to its equipment such as occurred in Hurricane Sandy in October, 2012, NJ Transit has announced that two new "safe" storage facilities are now available, should they be needed. The new facilities are in Garwood and Linden. NJT Executive Director Veronique Hakim made the announcement April 28 at hearings in Trenton; the announcement was reported by Terrance Dopp on BloombergBusinessweek. Hakim, calling the new facilities "new, safe-harbor rail storage," said they will afford NJT's rolling stock the greatest chance of staying dry and undamaged in another "superstorm." The Sandy event damaged 261 of 1162 rail cars, causing millions of dollars of damage and reduced schedules for months.

The Lackawanna Coalition was not a supporter of  this project; while identifying safe-harbor locations was necessary, we believe that NJT had sufficient mainline track on the system to use for this purpose, and did not need additional yard capacity. In light of the recent leadership changes at NJ Transit, we look forward to the opportunity to work together to ensure that future capital investments are focused on projects that will have the most benefit to their stakeholders, the riding public.

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