In a story that expands on what we had determined from the last NJ Transit Customer Service Committee meeting, Larry Higgs reported today that the embattled agency saw a sharp decline in customer satisfaction in its latest Scorecard survey. Overall satisfaction fell from 59% to 52% (5.2 out of 10), the lowest number the agency has seen in several years. A key driver in this change was a significant drop in on-time performance, which fell dramatically in the wake of an unusually harsh winter. NJT Executive Director Ronnie Hakim had this to say about the poor showing: “It tells me they’re frustrated. The challenge is how we react to that.” She also noted that "We can’t solve it all in the short term, but we can use the data." While the article goes on to note minor operational changes made on the bus side to improve on-time performance, no significant improvements on the rail side were noted.

The Lackawana Coalition notes that, while unscientific, the Scorecard survey results are indicative of the problems our riders are facing on a daily basis. We also feel that NJ Transit's decision to cherry pick the rosier parts of the survey results in their publicity campaigns -- particularly the GoingFor10 campaign on Twitter -- resulted in a backlash that contributed to the poor showing and harmed the agency's credibility. We encourage our readers to participate in the next Scorecard survey, which is located here.

You may view the original story here.