Throughout the duration of the dispute between New Jersey Transit and the employees who keep the trains running, the Lackawanna Coalition has consistently expressed its hope that both sides would reach an agreement, and that the trains would continue to take riders to their destinations safely and comfortably. We are delighted that, indeed, such an agreement has been reached and that the trains will continue to run.

We know the people on both sides of the bargaining table, and we appreciate their efforts in keeping negotiations going, until they reached a successful conclusion. We express our appreciation also to our Online Editor John Bobsin for posting the news on this site, and we hope we have kept you well-informed, from the view of the people who are always advocating for your mobility.

There is still more to be done to improve our trains, but now we will be able to move forward in an atmosphere of peace between labor and management. We remain as committed as ever to better transit for all riders in the region, and we always want to know what we can do to help improve your transit, whether you have an automobile and choose to use it, or you depend on it for all of your mobility.