New Jersey Transit's Board of Directors traditionally held public meetings once a month, more or less.  Although there were seldom any surprises in the official actions taken at the meetings, they were an opportunity for the public to be heard.  Although the Board itself seldom took action in response to public statements, press reporters often took note.  But there has not been an NJT Board meeting since June 8, 109 days by one count. NJT has not given any reason for the gap, and the state Department of Transportation and Gov. Christie's office have also clammed up, according to reporting by Christopher Maag for the (Bergen) Record and reported on State Assembly Transportation Committee head John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) said "There's no excuse not to have public meetings. They have absolutely no reason to be operating in the dark." The mystifying gap in meetings comes against a background of budgetary uncertainty for NJT, stemming from the ongoing stalemate between the Governor and the Democratic-controlled legislature about replenishing the state's Transportation Trust Fund, which is empty; many capital projects have been suspended statewide. Some of the Fund's money was to go to help fund NJT.  "They're stuck because they don't have a real operating budget," said Lackawanna Coalition Chair David Peter Alan, quoted in Maag's story.

Perhaps prompted by public criticism of the lack of public board meetings, NJT finally held one on October13, apparently mainly to announce veteran employee Steven Santaro as its new executive director.