Most rail service to Hoboken returns on Monday, Oct. 10, with some modifications as Tracks 1-9 at Hoboken remain out of service due to the recent train crash. Most trains not restored are on the Morristown,  Gladstone, and Montclair-Boonton  lines,  a few on the Main and Bergen lines, and express trains on the Pascack Valley Line. NJT's Web page is here.

Cross-honoring of tickets remains in effect on Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and on bus lines (both NJT buses and private carriers). PATH cross-honoring ended as of Tuesday, Oct. 11. (Ferry cross-honoring has also apparently ended.)

Temporary timetables should be used, particularly using service normally running to Hoboken; they can be obtained in PDF form here.

On the Main and Bergen lines, most trains will run as normally scheduled; a few trains will be cancelled and/or combined.  It appears that the major changes are as follows: inbound, 50, 1252, and 1254 are cancelled, with extra stops on train 1154 (all stops Broadway through Rutherford); outbound, trains 1263, 1357, 1269, 1271, 59, and 1171 are cancelled, with extra stops on trains 1163, 1165, 1167, which will make all stops between Rutherford and Glen Rock-Boro Hall.

On the Pascack Valley Line, inbound expresses 1606 and 1608 are cancelled. Midday trains 1624 through 1630 are replaced by buses north of New Bridge Landing until Nov. 4; buses leave up to a half hour earlier than normal train times. Outbound expresses 1629 and 1639 are cancelled; trains 1607 through 1621 are replaced by buses north of New Bridge Landing until Nov. 4: buses arrive up to a half hour later than normal train times. Apparently, train 6653 will operate on Fridays to New Bridge Landing, and Friday "getaway" train 9653 will not operate.

On the M&E, there are considerable changes; mainly, some trains to Hoboken are cancelled, usually with other trains making local stops to provide service.  Inbound, it appears that the following trains are cancelled: 300, 402, 608, 308, 852, 312, 872, 808, 332, 334, 858, 884, and 684.  Additional stops will be made on trains 400, 404, 408, 412,  416, and 880,, which will make all stops between Summit and Newark; train 414 will add stops at Short Hils and Millburn. West of Dover, train 1000 will originate at Mt Olive (6:05 a.m.) to replace 852; 1006 originates at Hackettstown (7:02 a.m.) to replace 872. The last evening train from Hackettstown is now at 7:15 p.m., and the last eastbound from Dover is at 10:32 p.m.  Outbound, the following trains are cancelled: 301, 209, 211, 609, 309, 643, 429, 333, 645, 267, 807, 337, 275, 881, 435, 813, and 342.  To provide alternate service, the following Gladstone trains will make all stops between Newark and Summit: 429, 433, 439,  and 441, with later arrivals Summit and west. Stops at Mt Tabor have been added for trains 6647, 6653, and 6659.  For service west of Dover, train 1055 will run about ten minutes later, providing connection from train 6647;  to replace train 881, train 1009 is extended to Hackettstown, connecting with train 6653 from New York at Dover and arriving Hackettstown at 8:04 p.m. In other changes, train 467 adds stop at Short Hills, and train 6437 adds stops at Newark Broad and Summit.

On the Montclair-Boonton Line, inbound the following trains are cancelled: 204, 852, 208, 808,  250, and 884. To replace cancelled MSU-Hoboken service, the following trains will make all stops east of MSU: 1070, 1000, and 1002. To replace 852, train 1000 originates Mt Olive at 6:05 a.m. To replace 872, train 1006 originates at Hackettstown at 7:02 a.m. Train 882 will run about 10 minutes later, departing Hackettstown at 7:15 p.m.; this is the last eastbound service from points Hackettstown to Mount Arlington. Outbound, the following trains are cancelled: 209, 211, 877, 853, 1079, 267, 807, 275, 881, and 813. Trains 1055 and 1009 will make all stops between Newark and MSU to replace cancelled Hoboken-MSU local trains. To replace train 877, train 1001 is extended to Hackettstown. To replace trains 807 and 881, train 1009 is also extended to Hackettstown. Train 1003 is operating on its normal weekday schedule, terminating at Denville at 4:53 p.m. NJT website advises that the online trip planner has been advertising this train to operate farther, to Mount Olive, and says this is a mistake. The temporary PDF timetable is correct.

North Jersey Coast and Raritan Valley Lines trains operating to or from Hoboken will operate to or from Newark Penn Station instead. Midday trains between Raritan and High Bridge are replaced by buses until "mid-October;" obtain special timetable.