Just three months after he said that NJ Transit fares wouldn't increase in the coming year, NJ Gov. Phil Murphy said on Tuesday, June 26 that he could no longer rule out an increase in the coming fiscal year. The story was reported by Curtis Tate for the North Jersey Record and appears in the Gannett papers on June 27. Murphy said the increase was possible if he can't resolve his differences with state legislators, a situation which has threatened a shutdown of some state functions on July 1, only days away. Murphy's budget proposal proposed a $242 million funding boost for NJT; the legislature's proposal has only a $167 million increase. (The actual increase for NJT is subject to some debate, owing to various account transfers, and because some revenue sources are declining, including fares from a declining ridership.) Murphy also refused to rule out an increase in the gasoline tax, which last year was increased by a large amount after years at a constant per-gallon rate.  Meanwhile, the budget impasse continues, with the governor insisting on a "millionaire's tax" and an increase in the sales tax to 7%, and the legislature refusing to go along.