There are 31 escalators at NJ Transit's Secaucus Junction transfer station.  If commuters are lucky, the one they need is operating.  But are they safe? The state requires that escalators be enclosed with fire-resistant materials, but it turns out that none of the 31 at Secaucus have this protection. In fact, a fire in November, 2014 closed four of the escalators for about a year, and other malfunctions have occurred regularly.  The situation was reported by Curtis Tate in the North Jersey Record, which obtained escalator inspection records through an Open Public Records Act demand. No fines have been assessed against NJT for the violations; potential fines could amount to $800,000 a year.  The state said they haven't pursued fines because NJT is working on a reasonable solution. The National Fire Protection Association says that fire protection on escalators is essential, as escalators can easily allow a fire to spread between floors. An old wooden escalator on the London subway system caught fire in 1987 and resulted in the deaths of 31 subway users and severe burns in many other travelers.